Sustainable Goals

In the picture, you see the logo of the FN’s Sustainable Goals. The different colours symbolize each individual goal.

We chose four goals which seem important to us. T

he first goal we chose is no. 3: Good health and well-being. The goal is important, because we ourselves do not enjoy watching homeless people and wish for everyone to be well and have a good health. Also, good health and well-being will lead to more people being able to work and support the economy.

The next goal we chose is no. 4: Quality education. The goal is important because we all need education to reach our dreams and goals. Also, education helps improve the world and our knowledge.

Goal no. 12: Responsible consumption and production. The goal is important, because we are, what we consume and we produce more than we need. We should produce less and would still live the same if it were contributed more responsibly and equally. We, in general, could consume less, if we only demanded what we needed and not what we wanted.

The last goal we chose is goal no. 13: Climate action. To reach the FN’s Sustainable Goals, we have to focus on climate action and every effort counts. If everyone did a small part of their own, we would accomplish a bigger outcome. We have to spread the word about climate change and the effects it can have on our everyday life.

– Matteo (Italy), Santeri (Finland), Victoria (Germany) & Amalie (Denmark)

Source: 1.000+ Sustainability Bilder und Fotos · Kostenlos Downloaden · Pexels Stock-Fotos, Sustainable Development Goals | UN Ukraine | Flickr