Business Economy

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Business Economy in Germany
At Herrenknecht we learned that recycling is a big part of their business model. They use parts from their old tunnel-drilling-machines to create new ones. Herrenknecht recycles up to 80% of their old machines and uses them in new ones. 

Recycling is important
Instead of creating waste and polluting the environment, Herrenknecht uses different techniques to recycle and make new products. 

Business Economy in Denmark

In Denmark, many businesses focus on sustainable ways to produce products. At Holmegaard Glasvaerk, they recycle old bottles and give them a new life. Denmark has the pant-system that allows customers to return bottles for money.

Business Economy in Italy

In Italy, a non profit organisation called Corepla use a material, polyethylene terephthalate, (PET) which is a plastic and is used to produce bottles, to create other things like clothes.

Pesticides are used to keep crops healthly and prevent them from being destroyed by disease and pests. But pesticides are toxic to all living organisms due to their biochemical characteristics.