Recycling and reusing material is an important step for handling our resources responsibly. But we are only able to recycle material if waste is separated.

Garbage sorting in our countries:

Faxe Kommune in Denmark uses garbage sorting. They divide the garbage into different categories; residual waste, food waste, glass, hard plastic, clothing, batteries and dangerous waste. By doing this, Faxe Kommune is supporting the World’s Sustainable Goals of FN to create a better future for the world.

In Italy, the people divide the garbage into paper, plastic, food waste.

In Finland, they devide the garbage into glass, cardboard, metal, food waste and plastic.

In Germany, the same system is used, but the glass is devided further into colours for an example brown glass, green glass and white glass. Common for every country is throwing out the batteries in boxes in the local supermarkets etc. and also clothes have their own containers where some will be donated.

– Matteo (Italy), Santeri (Finland), Victoria (Germany) & Amalie (Denmark)