How is efficient defined?
Efficiency is to use the optimal amount of ressources in a way which is sustainable, fast and not doesn’t compromise the growth of the economy.

What are possible ways of making energy usage more efficient in our daily lives?

  • unplugging unnecessary devices
  • turning off the lights
  • use public transportation/ efficient transportation
  • do local shopping
  • use energy efficient devices
    – energy saving lamps/LED lamps
    – Kindle instead of regular screens
    – energy efficient fridges
    – electric cars with little emission

How do different Countries save energy in their daily lives?


In Finland, most saunas use electric energy, which uses a lot of energy.

 Using wood instead can save electric energy.



In Germany, riding bikes is quite common. It saves a lot of fossil fuels used for cars.






















In Italy, to reduce air pollution, thanks to concise urban planning and every building being close to each other, many people prefer to walk by foot instead of using other means of transport.


Instead of using fossil fuel, a lot of the energy used in homes comes from windmills.