What is Share economy?

Economy is a big term!

There is a lot of different kind of economies, but when talking about green economy, we have come up with some great solution 🙂

Why is it a good solution?

Sharing economy is a great solution, because we can both save money and energy. The result from this initiative is that we save the climate of CO2 emissions. Therefore, we take care of the environment 🙂

3 points on share economy:

1. The sharing economy involves short-term peer-to-peer transactions to share ude of idle assets and services or to facilitate collaborations

2. The sharing economy often involves some type of online platform that connect buyers and sellers

3. The sharing economy is rapidly growing and evolving but faces significant challenges in the form of regulatory uncertainly and concers about abuses

Share economy in Offenburg:

One of the initiatives that we have seen here in Offenburg, that includes sharing economy, is the bikes standing by the station and around in the city. These bikes are meant to be used instead of cars. And as a private person, you do not have to buy a bike and use lots of money on that. This is also a way to save energy in the production of bikes 🙂

Thing we have already done in the different countries!

Germany – Italy – Denmark:

– Bike/car/scooter sharing

– Airbnb

– Lend clothes in shops or second hand shops

– Lend dresses and suits for prom