Sustainability is all about making changes

Food consumption is different in every country, today we are going to talk about what it is like in the countries we visited and how we can make better choices in everyday life

All of the countries we visited have different food cultures, for example in Denmark they eat a lot of pig in contrast to contrast to Finland where they eat more fish. Italy differs from the others because they eat more carbs in comparison to countries that eat more animal products.

For some cultures, it’s almost impossible to cut animals from their diet but changes can still be made.

People need to be more open-minded about vegetarian/vegan food.

People can do a little bit of research to find out how their meat ist produced and whether or not it’s mass produced or from a local farmer-

People could buy from local farmers instead of importing it from far away-

Reducing your meat consumption a bit helps the enviroment too!

A little goes a long way 🙂